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Geelong Real Estate agent
16 Nov 2023

Home ownership and the rental market

30 Aug 2023

Jess Templeton sells 12 properties in 1 month

29 Aug 2023

What our tenants say about us

real estate agent Newtown
23 Aug 2023

A Newtown sale to smile about

Geelong Real Estate Co 2nd Birthday
23 Aug 2023

Geelong Real Estate Co turns 2.

Geelong Property manager Reece Fidler shares insights on the Geelong Property Market
16 Aug 2023

What Geelong’s low vacancy rate means for investment property returns

Geelong Real Estate Co is on the lookout for a new team member
11 Aug 2023

We’re Hiring.

Geelong Real Estate Co Newtown
11 Aug 2023

Newtown Success Story

Geelong realestate
04 Aug 2023

We surveyed Jess Templeton’s last 50 clients and they all say the same thing.

Cal Broad Geelong Real Estate Agent
04 Aug 2023

What to do when you keep missing out ?

Geelong Real Estate Agent
03 Aug 2023

Mum and Dad did a thing

02 Aug 2023

Geelong Real Estate Co – Property Manager – Bec