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52 years of memories

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Remembering 52 Years of Memories at 4 Barimba Court, Leopold!

The most rewarding aspect of my job is connecting with wonderful families like the Bauers and helping them through the process of bidding farewell to their home and welcoming a new chapter.

It’s almost surreal, but I believe houses have souls, and 4 Barimba Court, built in 1972, truly has been the heart and soul of the Bauer family for over fifty years.

Kellie, one of the three daughters, introduced me to the family and shared great memories of growing up here. Whether it was biking in the court during summer or playing chasy with the Johnson boys across the road, every nook of this home holds a special memory.

Being part of a story that spans decades, filled with love, laughter, and countless special moments.

The process of preparing the house for sale evolved into a beautiful family affair. Together, they delved into old boxes in the shed, laughter resonating off the walls as they rediscovered treasures and reminisced about the past.

These moments serve as a great reminder of the emotional ties we create with our homes. To quote the great Darryl Kerrigan “a family’s home is their castle”

Cheers to the home and to trusting me to help you through the process.

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