we’re hiring – sales agent

Joining the team at Geelong Real Estate Co just got even easier.

After leaving 2 of Geelong’s bigger brands, I understand the challenges in changing agencies.

I know the biggest concern I faced was the disruption to my sales momentum and my cash flow.

So, for the right person I’m offering a sign on bonus of $25,000 to help make the change even easier.

Why you ask? Sounds desperate

I heard a great saying recently that the hardest people to recruit are the do’ers. The ones that don’t need you, they’ve got goals, dreams, ambition and motivation.

I’m looking to find that person and help take their career to another level. Which brings me to my next great quote “if you want to go fast go alone, you want to go far go together”

If you want to join a team that offers the highest commission splits in Geelong, genuine opportunity for growth and an incredible culture we’d love to hear from you.