The first offer

I’ve lost count of the amount of times a seller has declined a 1st offer and said “it’s only been on the market X days” or my favourite “it’s only the first offer”. Only to find out in 4-5 weeks that they should have taken it.

Step back and think about it for a moment. To quote my man 50cent “How many, if any?” buyers wake up on your first weekend of open for inspections and say hmm I might buy a house today. In reality the buyer for your place has been looking for weeks / months and had missed out on a few others. The most serious buyers in any market are those that are scrolling, they’ve got the alerts set up so when “the one” comes up they will be there with the bells on.

It’s human nature to fear underselling your biggest asset, but this is where trust comes in. Trusting your agents process is everything. (if they have one)

At Geelong Real Estate Co. It’s about compression selling and creating fomo. Here’s just a few of the things we do differently.

  • We do our best to create competition at every one of our open for inspections.
  • If a buyer can’t make an public open home and requests a time that suits them, we make that a public open time too and bring other buyers in to keep that pressure on.
  • We’re possible, invite buyers to photo shoots of properties about to hit the market.
  • Inviting neighbours through our open homes where appropriate