Landlords who attract the wrong tenants

There’s a great saying “there’s no second chance to make a great first impression” and there’s never been a better phrase when it comes to rental properties.


Missed opportunities to attract the best possible applicants hurt big time. Often landlords are in a rush to minimise the down time of a vacant property and just get someone in there to keep that rent coming in.


But what you are missing is the opportunity to find the best possible renters. People that are planning to stay for the long term and take care of your property. After all, if you don’t care, why should they? It’s all about setting expectations. The simplest way to explain that is to ask yourself, would I live here?


Often it’s the simple things that are overlooked that convince an amazing renter to walk out the door and keep on looking. Things like having the property professionally cleaned and I mean, really cleaned. Have the gardens been well maintained? Why not consider planting a few fresh native low maintenance plants or re-mulch those gardens beds. Have you had the house and driveway pressure washed?


It’s incredible how much a little effort and the extra time can make in helping find a better selection of renters. The added benefit is It also makes the expectations so much easier to manage that the property needs to be returned in the same condition that it was handed over to them.


As a property manager with over 15 years experience Reece has lost count of the amount of times a tenant has handed back keys to a rental property that isn’t quite up to our cleanliness standards and we’ve been able to refer back to our detailed entry report and get those issues fixed up without anything going wrong.


Check out our top 10 to do’s before your next lot of renters move in.


  1. Detail oven & Rangehood
  2. Garden refresh, pruning & new mulch
  3. Carpets steam cleaned
  4. De cobweb
  5. Windows inside and out
  6. Pressure washing
  7. Clean the gutters
  8. Shower silicone & grout refresh
  9. Paint touch ups
  10. Stain woodwork / decks