Choosing the right agent

Heading into a changing market, here’s 3 things you need to ask before you choose your Geelong based real estate agent.

What is your average days on market?

I’m currently sitting at 14 days, anything over 28 is a huge red flag. This is the biggest tell of an agent who over promises and under delivers. Ultimately you end up reducing your price by tens or hundreds of thousands and the agent still gets paid.

Do you have more than 10 listings for sale right now?

With open for inspections usually being 30 mins on a Saturday and with at least 15 min travel time in between, that’s 450 mins aka 7.5 hours. So, you’re either getting your open for inspection time at 9 am or 4 in the afternoon (obviously, neither of these are great). Or, this means they are hand passing your open for inspection to some one else. Unless you’re interviewing them, this goes without saying, not ideal.

How many homes do you sell per month?

Any less that 2 and this probably indicates they might not have the skillset you’re looking for. After all your home is usually your biggest asset.